The miniature worlds of Jar of Eden

My work plant, Keanu Leaves, (Who was gifted to me by my housemate and best friend when he left both our office and home to pursue a life in the Big Smoke… MIKEY, stop reading now!)…. Is looking a little crispy and under the weather… if not already dead, I am sad to admit. He sits right there in front of me, 9-5 every day, and yet I still can’t manage to keep him alive. I used to be a great plant mum, I really did, but it seems that my knowledge of how to keep anything beyond a cactus or succulent alive needs brushing up on.

All house plants really do, when you look at it from a benefit perspective, is look after us. Did you know that plants actually reduce background noise from a busy road? Every day is a school day, amaright?

I’ve always loved the aesthetic of plants and how they can really bring a room to life. I’ve had many plant babies come and go in the past, with me through house moves and break ups and birthdays. Since I’m living a pretty typical millennial existence right now though, i.e. working from morning ‘til night, renting a small room with not much light on the outskirts of the city, I don’t have much room in my life for the interior jungle my little heart longs to be able to keep and grow.

I've named him Bertie, obvs.

When I was contacted by Bristol based brand, Jar of Eden, I just had to collaborate with them. I went and saw the lovely Alex, JoE’s founder, and had a chat about terrariums, personalisation, and entrepreneurship. He seriously knows his stuff and talked me through all the different needs of each encased plant.

A terrarium is like a little solo-functioning garden contained within a glass vessel; plants growing within a carefully balanced ratio of stones, soil, moss, and charcoal so that they can thrive and grow without the need for human interference.

My very own Jar of Eden lives in my bookshelf corner and brings a sense of tranquillity and calm to an often chaotic space. I find the notion that this little, magical microcosm is completely self-sufficient oddly calming and inspiring. Terrariums are also so low-maintenance that they’re super easy to keep – they’re an effortless way to bring the natural world inside, perfect if you live in a flat or house-share.

Jar of Eden’s ethos is to ‘give people a new perspective on how houseplants can transform their space’. Their materials are mostly recycled, given new life, and made into something magical. Whatever isn’t recycled, is ethically sourced, so they’re a sustainability dream. What I really love about Jar of Eden is that they pride themselves on integrity, and they’re nothing short of champions of sustainability. It’s clear to see that Alex and his mum, who run the company together, hold respect for the environment highly within the heart of their brand, and leave only trails of soil on the earth in their wake.

If you want to check Jar of Eden out, you can find them on Instagram at @jarofeden, or on their website

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