The Little Orange Shop

The 100% vegan, eco friendly, sustainably sourced little gem emerging from the depths of West Wales.

Guys, saddle up, you're in for a treat.

Last week, I received a magical, little package from the lovely minds behind The Little Orange Shop. Before I tell you exactly as to why I was completely blown away by their products, let me fill you in about who they are, what they do, and why.

The Little Orange Shop, which is run by the wonderful Imogen and her partner, is a start up business based in west Wales. Their products are all 100% vegan, and T.L.O.S. only use sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients for the things they make. They have chosen their suppliers carefully, with the environment at the forefront of their minds; everything down to the last detail has our planet's best interests at heart, which is a win win for us, because there aren't any nasties in the things we buy from them.

What initially struck a chord with me was how much these guys truly know their stuff. Just by taking a look on their website, you can see the sheer level of research The Little Orange Shop have done into the sourcing, creation, and effects of their products. Their eco-championing philosophy shines through in their socially responsible thinking, their no waste policy, and their open, honest, and educational approach to their customers, and I sincerely hope Imogen and co. know that they've created something brilliant thing here.

I was sent THE MOST incredible Coconut candle. I'm not joking or emphasising when I say that, when I opened it to smell it, I audibly gasped and said 'Oh my god' to an empty room. I find that scented candles are pretty hard to get right. Often, it's difficult to find candles that don't verge on being super pungent and sickly. Striking that aromatic balance between ones that are clean (as in, oh my god this is bleaching my nostrils, this doesn't smell like soft cotton), and ones that are sweet (as in, this kinda reminds me of those knock off fruity shots we drank all the way through our first year of uni), is tricky. Anyway, I'm rambling. I don't know what it is about The Little Orange Shop's candles, maybe it's the ingredients or the amount of love and care that goes into them, but the candle they sent me was just out of this world. It smelt like comfort, and it's just a bonus that it burns for at least 20 hours.

I was also sent some wax melts wrapped up in a dinky, little, orange package and a tote bag (Which is possibly my new fave tote, and I can't wait to use it as my weekend coffee-shop-hopping book bag, repping a fellow small business).

I feel really lucky to have been sent such a wonderful box of treats from The Little Orange shop, and I can honestly see them going extremely far. I've never come across a small company who put as much thought and care into the sustainability of their products as they do, and I wholeheartedly believe that with a little time and support, we'll see a physical Little Orange Shop pop up at some point in the very near future, and who knows what pathways that could open for them? They have a truly stellar future in their sights.

You can follow what The Little Orange Shop are up to on their Instagram, Facebook, and website, so be sure to check them out there (especially for their incredible VSCO vibe feeds too). Their journey has been a pleasure to watch from afar on their Insta, and I, for one, am super excited to see their online shop open up in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

have a bloomin' lovely day

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