Ey up, ma loves!​

Hey hey hello hi HEY!

Long time no see! (I'll try not to do that again, my bad).

I've had a super duper busy and hectic few months. There have been a lot of ups and downs but I finally feel like (dare I say it) I'm bouncing back!

The past few months have been full of everything from stress, deadlines, new jobs, new houses, a big heartbreak, loneliness, feeling unbearably inadequate in so many areas of life, tears, a lack of self care, and a crushed sense of creativity. On the other hand though, it's been full of growth, finding my independence again, light, happiness, relief, and a regained sense of self worth. I'm pretty stoked to say that I actually feel like my happy-go-lucky self again, and it feels stellar. I'm back working freelance for a little while and revelling in it completely, there are some exciting things ahead!

In July, I graduated with a 2:1 in English with Writing, and leaving university is a real bittersweet affair. I've decided to stay in Bristol - as lovely as visiting my hometown is, Bristol is home to me now and I love it. 

Ya girl got her degree!

Jessie Doe Designs is also branching out - you might have noticed that my website has now become www.jessiedoe.com, stick with me on this. I feel like, over the past few months, I've had my creativity a little squashed, and in hindsight, there was a reason behind that, because it's catapulted me into a new era of making and creating. Although I've been a bit quiet on the Instagram/Embroidery front, it's only because I've been so busy and tired, things will start picking up again now I've got my mojo back! I've started writing again, something I definitely lost my way a little through my degree. So, my new, re-vamped website isn't just going to be for JDD shenanigans anymore, it'll be a space for poetry, blogging, life, books, reviews, and everything in between. You'll still be redirected through my old domain though, so keep that cheeky business card if you've ever bought anything from me!

I'm hoping that the rest of the year will continue as the last half of this Summer has started - full of light and new beginnings and a new sense of peace and calm... And a hell of a lot of embroidery.

In times like these, we artists and designers need to see ourselves as human beings rather than making machines, taking the time out for yourself to grow and rebalance yourself is more important than any Etsy statistics, Instagram content, and pattern files.

Thanks for sticking with me.

have a bloomin' lovely day

Jessie Doe Designs 2020