'ello peaches!

It's lovely to meet you, thanks for popping by! I'm Jessie and I'm a contemporary embroidery artist and illustrator living in the colourful, wonderful city of Bristol, UK. I like to think I live in a world of mountains of thread, countless stripy tops and stacks of books and I'm fuelled almost exclusively by Yorkshire tea (milk, one sugar, please). I've been an 'artist' of varying degrees most of my life, from the early days of enthusiastic finger painting to designing work for publications such as Mollie Makes and Love Embroidery (my Mum's come a long way from covering the fridge in my drawings to pointing at magazines I've featured in in Tesco and yelling 'LOOK!' at anyone that will listen).


If I could describe myself in a sentence, I would say I'm an all-round creative who knows the entire script to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to a worrying accuracy. ​I grew up mostly in West Wales, in a rural area in the mountains where wilderness was in abundance. I moved to Bristol when I turned 18 to pursue a degree in English Literature and fell in love with the spirit of the city so never really left.


"I'm an all-round creative who knows the entire script 
to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
to a worrying accuracy"

I started embroidering back in 2017 and Jessie Doe Designs was born not long afterwards (yay!). I actually took up textiles in school, but that idea crashed and burned as I didn't particularly excel in it academically, but like the funny irony of the universe usually works, here I am! I garner most of my inspo from nature and its botanical wonders, colour trends, pattern and the art of mindfulness - my work is always one, if not all, of three things; colourful, one-of-a-kind and positive. Stitching and drawing are both incredibly calming practices and I feel lucky to get so much out of it – it's my favourite way to de-stress and exercise my creativity and it's such a great feeling to see projects coming together. I especially love creating custom pieces for customers. Some of my favourite pieces have been gifts or bespoke requests and it's an honour to have that trust put in your hands to bring someones idea to life. 

Enough waffling for now...

Hope you have a stellar visit, my friend.

 Jessie  x